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Lagom P64 Flat Burr Single-Dosing Coffee Grinder

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Lagom P64 Flat Burr Single-Dosing Coffee Grinder

The Standard Espresso burrs are manufactured by Option-O and are made from hardened steel. These would be most similar to the SSP High-Uniformity burrs, but without Red Speed coating.

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What’s in the Box:

  • Lagom P64 Grinder
  • Portafilter fork/grinds-catch hold
  • Grinds-catch
  • Portafilter dosing funnel
  • Steel dosing cup
  • WDT tool
  • RDT spray bottle

Incredible Consistency, Unparalleled Control

Option-O’s Lagom P64 single dosing grinder is designed to not only give you precise control over your grind size through its fine-pitched stepless adjustment, but also lets you get the ideal consistency with a variable RPM 300W BLDC motor. Ranging from 200–1400 RPM under load you get unique control for a home grinder, letting you take the reins like few other grinders can. The ability to truly dial your machine in is capitalized on by giving you three burr options: two flat 64 millimeter burrs from SSP, and a standard steel burr set manufactured by Option-O. The SSP Unimodal-Espresso burrs are perfect for light and medium roasted coffees, focusing on clarity and high extraction yield shots and brews, while the SSP High-Uniformity Espresso burrs and the standard burrs work well with a full range of roast levels and tighter brewing ratios. All three burr sets are capable of grinding for anything from Turkish coffee to French Press, and using that variable RPM grinding you get quality grinds at any coarseness.

Precision Manufacturing

The work put into the mechanics of this machine is well matched by the care put into its construction. The grinding mechanism is all CNC machined from a single piece of 304 stainless steel with extremely tight tolerances. Each piece adheres to a variance of no more than 0.02 millimeters (20 microns), so your grinder arrives fully aligned and stays that way permanently. This is a great feature on its own, but it also allows for you to disassemble your grinder for cleaning and feel certain that when it goes back together you won’t lose your alignment or zero point. Constructed entirely from anodized aluminum and stainless steel, and with professional quality parts like dual angular bearings and a commercial grade motor, this grinder is meant to last for years and years.

Accessories For Every Need

Option-O includes a wide variety of tools to make sure that you get everything you can out of this coffee grinder. The portafilter fork is perfect for dosing straight into the basket for espresso and is suited for 58 mm portafilters. The fork also serves as the holder for the grinds-catch for any grinding you’d like to do for drip coffee, or if you’d rather dose from the catch to your basket using the included portafilter funnel. You’ll also get a steel dosing cup for easy loading of the bean funnel. The Ross Droplet Technique (RDT) spray bottle helps ensure the lowest retention possible (0.1 gram or less as opposed to the usual 0.2 gram or less retention you see otherwise with the Lagom P64), and the Weiss Distribution Technique (WDT) tool is made to help you get the most even extractions by improving your distribution. Truly everything about this grinder, from its burrs and construction to the accessories included, is made to help you make the best coffee possible.

  • Variable RPM motor (200-1400 RPM)

  • Fine-pitched stepless full range grind adjustment

  • High-precision CNC machining (0.02 mm tolerance)

  • Permanently aligned

More Features

64 millimeter flat burr grinder

Zero retention (<0.2 gram retention)

SSP Unimodal-Espresso, SSP High-Uniformity burrs, or standard steel burrs available

Amazingly quiet operation


Model: Option-O Lagom P64
Dimensions: 21 x 13 x 35 cm (8.2 x 5.1 x 13 in)
Weight: 7.8 kg (17.2 lbs.)
Grinder Materials: Anodized aluminum, 304 stainless steel
Burr Type: Flat
Burr Size: 64 mm
Adjustment Range: Full-range (Turkish press)
Adjustment Type: Stepless
Bean Funnel Capacity: 40 g w/ continuous loading capability
Motor: 300W brushless DC motor
Voltage: 100-120V
Warranty: limited 1 year
User Manual
Quick Start Guide

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