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Ways to Fix Nespresso Blinking Red

Nespresso Blinking Red

Ways to Fix Nespresso Blinking Red

As a rule of thumb, every effect has an underlying cause. Therefore; the blinking of the Nespresso coffee machine to red is no exception. This condition may have more than one reason to happen. Indeed, the blinking of the red light on the machine tells us all the problems as well as the ways to fix nespresso blinking red.

Surprisingly, the most frequent cause behind the blinking of the Nespresso coffee machine to red is that the appliance needs a factory reset.

However, there lies an equal possibility of other reasons such as the coffee machine having low water quantity. Moreover, the head of the machine remained open; it is facing the problem of overheating or the challenge of descaling.

Under this guidance table; we are going to elaborate on the ways to fix nespresso blinking red one by one.

                                               Red Light Style                                                    What it shows
  Light shining / blinking without a break.     It is a machine fault; go for factory reset option.  
  Continuously turn red two times and then become green.     There is no water or capsule in the machine. Fill out accordingly.
  Continuously turn red two times and then become Orange.     It is a machine fault; go for factory reset option.
  Machine shines red 3 times consecutively in every 2 seconds with continuous red pause.     Head of machine in open. Close it adequately.
  Continuous fleshing of red light.     There is unknown error, do factory reset.
  Ringing / showing off and on repeatedly.     Machine is overheated, wait until it cooldown.
  Repeated red and green lightning.     There is an issue of descaling in the machine.

Here is the detailed solution to the above-mentioned problems in the Nespresso coffee machine.

How to execute a factory reset

In case you see the following signs in your Nespresso Coffee Machine; you have to perform a factory reset immediately. It is a mostly used solution among other ways to fix nespresso blinking red.

  • Light shining/blinking without a break.
  • Sustained turns red two times and then becomes Orange.
  • Unbroken fleshing of red light.

These are the steps to carry out factory rest in your Nespresso Coffee Machine.

  • Unbolt the lid of the coffee machine.
  • Take out the capsule (If there are any).
  • Now close back the coffee machine lid.
  • Keep the machine coffee unlocked for a while.
  • Press the button five times consecutively in a time-line of three seconds or less.
  • Finally, the light of the coffee machine will blink five times without a break in a slow manner. This is a sign that the reset process has been completed.

Mandatory Note:

If you observe the following events with your Nespresso Coffee Machine, you should have to perform a factory reset.

  • Electric power blackout
  • Any meteorological event like a thunderstorm.
  • An unspecified machine error.

Removing water shortage one of the ways to fix nespresso blinking red

Your Nespresso Coffee Machine is showing a sign of repeated red light two times and then becoming green. There is a problem of water shortage in your coffee machine. Fill the water storage to the described length.

There may be a situation in which the machine may indicate the same signs after filling the water tank. It would be a symptom of “water level detector disorder.” Among the ways to fix nespresso blinking red; the solution to this disorder is to descale the machine.



Nespresso Blinking Red

Loosely closed machine head

Whenever your coffee machine conveys a warning message, there is a problem. Indeed, the message may be such as a 3 times consecutive red fleshing in every 2 seconds with a continuous red pause.

This is the symptom that the lid of the machine has kept open for a while. Actually, the solution to this problem is simply reopening the head and closing it adequately with great pressure.

Overheated Machine

Therefore, the Nespresso Coffee Machine is ringing/showing off and on repeatedly; it shows that the machine is overheated.

Simply, the solution to this problem is to wait for 10 minutes without taking action. Actually, the purpose of this deliberate wait is that the machine would resolve its problems by itself.

If this does not happen then move towards the next strategy; moving away the coffee machine from a heating source. This heating source may be a vent, a stove an oven, or anything like that. 

If the problem is still present then you have to choose the option of descaling the coffee machine.

Performing descaling one of the ways to fix nespresso blinking red

Moreover, the symptom is the Nespresso Coffee Machine is manifesting repeated red and green lighting options. So, it is a problem of descaling as well as cleaning the machine.

There are several different ways to fix nespresso blinking red according to different models of Nespresso Coffee Machine. Each model has a different inner functioning structure.

According to the inner structure, the descaling process is different for every machine (which would be available in the machine manual).

However, here are the steps of a generalized way of describing a Nespresso Coffee Machine.

Collect your all needed things

Collect your all needed things for the descaling process in one place. Likewise, the benefit of this collection activity is that your descaling process will not be disturbed in the middle.

You need to collect the following things before starting the process of descaling.

  • A solution for the descaling process; specially made for your particular Nespresso Coffee Machine.
  • A jar to accumulate processed water
  • A piece of cloth (Should not be dirty) or a sponge.

Prepare the machine

To start the process; remove the capsule (If there is any) from the drip tray. In the next phase fill the water jar with the descaling solution (This jar should be in the right place.) Then gather the water by placing a cup under the coffee collection point.

Start the descaling process

Turn the Nespresso Machine on and let it heat for a while. Now start the brewing process by pressing the Lungo and espresso buttons at the same time (Hold the single button, if your machine has that one). Hold these buttons for three seconds consecutively.

Nespresso blinking light will indicate the starting point of this process; upon stopping this signal move to the next step.

Rinse the machine

When the descaling process reaches its end; now empty the jar and rinse it completely. During this process, the machine will liberate the hot water to remove any remaining descaling solution. Keep on performing this activity until the jar becomes empty.

Final Stage

When the rinsing process reaches its end; clean the exterior of the machine with a clean cloth or a sponge. Particularly clean the coffee outlet and water jar and completely dry the machine before pressing the power button.

Concluding Remarks on the ways to fix nespresso blinking red

If you run the Nespresso Coffee Machine for some time, you will come across an experience.  Before concluding this blog on the topic the ways to fix nespresso blinking red; we should understand the repeated problem.

The frequent problem in the machine would be an unknown error which will be resolved through the factory reset option.

Finally, if there is a repeated Nespresso blinking red problem despite executing all kinds of troubleshooting tasks, you should have to buy a new Nespresso Coffee Machine.

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