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sage coffee machine

Sage coffee machine is the industry leader in coffee makers, and for good reason. Their selection of espresso equipment is specifically designed to produce milk froth with a silky smooth texture and exceptional espresso flavour. With 8 machines available and RRPs varying from £379.95 to £1,999.95, it’s critical to comprehend the specifications, quality, and features of each machine to aid in your selection.

Sage The Oracle Touch SES9900

The Sage Oracle and Oracle Touch coffee makers are the peak of at-home barista-free espresso production! By automating the two most challenging steps in manual espresso, such as grinding and dosing, as well as tamping and texturizing the milk, simplicity is provided from beginning to end, resulting in consistently excellent coffee.



  • The perfect taste
  • Fully Automated
  • Digital Display
  • Temperature
  • Micro Foam

Sage The Barista Pro 8ES878

Third Wave specialty coffee is delivered at home via the adaptable and fashionable Barista Pro. A conical burr grinder with dose control is integrated into the espresso machine to offer the perfect dosage for the greatest flavor at home. ThermoJet heating technology from Sage is also featured; it heats water on demand and produces fresh espresso in as little as three seconds, making it ideal for making cappuccinos and latte art.



  • Intuitive LCD Display
  • Built- in conical burr grinder
  • Thermojet heating system
  • Precise extraction
  • Milk Texturing


Sage Bambino Plus Sage | SES500

The Bambino Plus by Sage is more portable than its competitors while still producing excellent coffee brewing results thanks to Sage’s “4 Keys Formula.” Using a 54mm portafilter and 18 grams of coffee for a rich flavour, barista quality performance is provided. With espresso delivered under 9 bars of pressure to produce the greatest results, the innovative ThermoJet heating system is ready in as little as 3 seconds.


  • Rich full flavoured espresso
  • Thermojet heating system
  • Adjustable milk texturing
  • Automatic steam wand
  • Auto expulsion.

The Barista Express, Sage, SES875

The Barista Express from Sage Appliances offers four essential components to assure delicious coffee. This espresso machine enables you to quickly grind coffee beans from bean to cup in a matter of minutes, and it also has an integrated steam wand to produce silky microfoam ideal for cappuccinos. A sleek stainless steel finish is present on this coffee maker, which also comes with a Sage Heat Control Jug.


  • Optimum espresso extraction
  • Dose control and Auto grind
  • Micro foam milk
  • Hands free operation and Grind size dial

Sage Duo Temp Pro

Sage’s most affordable coffee machine right now is the Duo Temp Pro.

The Sage Duo Temp Pro is just the Barista Express that I previously stated with the integrated grinder, pressure gauge, and hot water spout removed.

In my opinion, the Duo Temp Pro with a separate grinder is superior to the nearly identical Barista express with an integrated grinder. The grinder is an essential component of the setup, yet the Barista Express’s grind rage and adjustment are limited in comparison to utilizing virtually any stand-alone grinder.



  • PID Digital temperature control
  • The steam Wand
  • The drip tray
  • Auto purge

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