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                                                       About Us

                                                                                                     Brewing Innovations with Coffee Units.

Need the true experience of the third wave in the coffee world? Look no further than Coffee Units

Headquartered out of California, Coffee Units had our humble beginnings in 2000. And over the past years, we have strive to offer the finest coffee brewing gadgets and the best solutions to extract that perfect shot of coffee – all this with a keen eye on the latest innovations, equipment, tools and supplies.

                                                                                                         Quality in every solution.

We pride ourselves in being one of the most innovative. And creative companies in the world of coffee. Our total solutions encompass a wide range of products and brands – espresso machines, grinders, as well as barista tools, brewing contraptions and other accessories. That will delight a coffee connoisseur and lover alike. All this with a hallmark of excellence.

                                                                                                       Service that is stimulating too.

In three words, Coffee Units is big on service. As our consultants come with a rich industry experience. Which can help you make an informed purchase decision. Our dedicated staff executes orders in a timely manner. And we customize our service to meet your specific needs – tailor-making your experience. It is this attention to details and pool of knowledge that has seen our existing clients keep coming back to us for more with a growing list of new customers coming into our fold.

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Annual gross merchandise sales

January 2004
One of the Best Website for coffee units. I really Like to Buy From Here
May 2006
Attracts first investor, Herba Beauty Care, and receives $10 million investment
December 2008
Gets $45 million more as Bison Coporation Partners jumps on the investment bandwagon
February 2012
My Experience with Coffee Unit was amazing. I really recommend This to everyone.
September 2015
Gets launched as online martketplace merchant by Martin Garrix in United States.
July 2015
Amazing Experience with this company.
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