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Gaggia Brera Cappuccino Espresso Machine in Black


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The Gaggia Brera is an Italian made super-automatic espresso machine with real stainless steel accenting and an auto-frother for cappuccinos. Its intuitive controls make brewing coffee and frothing milk breeze.

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Gaggia is a company deeply rooted in Italian espresso heritage,
yet its coffee machines have evolved over the decades, from the
original pressure-generating, lever-activated piston, to the
latest fully-automated, bean-to-cup technology which, at the
touch of a button, grinds, brews and dispenses a delicious cup of
espresso. However you prefer to brew your coffee–whether you
want the simplicity of bean-to-cup or crave domestic barista
status–there is a Gaggia for you.


In 1938 Achille Gaggia filed patent number 365726, an ingenious
invention which saw steam pressure applied to ground coffee, so
that the water forced through the coffee extracted all its
flavours and aromas to create a rich foam crema layer. However,
the real revolution came 10 years later when Achille filed a new
patent, for a lever-operated piston machine incorporating a
spring. This spring provided additional pressure, and this
pressure forced water through the coffee in a shorter time,
producing a short black espresso in just 15 seconds.

In the 1950s Gaggia found fame in the trendy coffee bars of Rome
and Milan, and most notably in London’s prominent Sirocci in
Soho. These coffee bars soon became icons of the ’50s lifestyle.
With the launch of Baby Gaggia in 1977 the company began
producing domestic espresso machines, making the professional
values inherent in Gaggia’s commercial machines widely available
for use in the home.

Uses less energy on standby

Energy saving

The Gaggia Brera super-automatic coffee machine is characterised
by compact design, simplicity of use, practicality of cleaning
and its energy-saving capabilities.

Gaggia Brera saves energy when not in use because it
automatically switches to standby mode after one hour, then uses
less than one watt per hour when in standby mode. If you’re
concerned about your energy consumption, Brera can help you save
energy as well as make great coffee.

Rapid steam

A twin boiler reduces the waiting time between coffee production
and steam delivery to just a few seconds. This coffee machine is
ideal for preparing espresso coffee using either coffee beans or
ground coffee, and is equipped with a device for dispensing steam
and hot water. The elegantly styled machine is designed for
normal home use only.

The twin boiler reduces the normal waiting time between coffee
brewing and steam output to just a few seconds. Twin boilers
means that you are able to brew coffee and add milk to make a
cappuccino or latte without an additional wait, so you can froth
milk to make cappuccinos, lattes and macchiato coffee at a simple
turn of the steam knob.

Removable brewing unit

Cleaning your coffee machine removes hard water mineral deposits,
old oils from previously brewed pots and other impurities that
can make your coffee taste bad. The Gaggia Brera automatic coffee
machine comes with a removable brewing unit for easy cleaning and
maintenance. Maintenance and cleaning should only be carried out
when the machine is cold and disconnected from the power supply.
For better durability and long-lasting results, clean the brewing
unit of the machine with water. The brewing unit needs to be
removed for cleaning, then rinsed thoroughly with hot water. Use
a soft cloth moistened with water to clean the machine from the
outside. Scale forms while the machine is in use, so it’s
necessary to remove scale every three to four months of use or
whenever you observe a decreased flow of water.

Ceramic grinder

The durable ceramic grinder retains the purity of the coffee
aroma, and can be adjusted to grind as coarse or as fine as you
like. The quality and flavour of your coffee will depend not only
on the blend you use but also on how finely you grind it.

Every machine is factory-regulated to a medium-sized grind–turn
the knob to higher numbers to obtain a coarser grind, turn the
knob to lower numbers to obtain a finer grind. The finer you
grind the coffee, the more flavour can be extracted from the same
volume. But it’s the type of coffee making equipment you own that
will determine what grind you can get away with. The ceramic
grinder in the Gaggia Brera automatic coffee machine was chosen
after careful consideration and research. Ceramic material is
durable and safe in use. It is inert and thus ensures the best
results without changing the consistency and flavour of the

The ceramic grinder in this Brera machine also provides a more
consistent grind from start till end, allowing perfect dosing and
blending. It gives you more control over the body and density of
your coffee. And that’s not all–the amount of coffee residue
left in the cup is substantially reduced. Moreover, ceramic
grinders are long-lasting and make minimum noise. Thanks to its
powerful, robust build, the ceramic coffee grinder will quietly
grind to the same consistency and high standards for a longer
period of time so you can have perfect-tasting coffee every time.

Personalise your perfect cup

Program the dispensing buttons on the electronic control panel to
suit your own personal coffee taste. The ‘Personalise Your
Coffee’ function allows you to choose the desired taste of your
coffee every time you make a cup. Every cup is freshly brewed and
prepared with the ultimate balance of your choice between coffee
and water–a guarantee for a smooth, full taste and delicious

You can customise everything to your personal tastes, from the
number and size of coffees you make through to the amount of milk
or coffee that is dispensed. The Gaggia Brera coffee machine has
a finger touch function to save user settings, which is a novel
way to easily access your preferred coffee settings. The machine
has two buttons which can each be programmed for a personalised
coffee, so it stores up to two individuals’ customisations. Since
you store coffee beans in the machine, brewing a morning cup made
exactly to your liking will be as easy as pressing a button.

Ground coffee compartment

Variety is still an option; via the ground coffee compartment you
can brew a different blend without changing the beans. With the
Brera machine you can rest assured that everything is as fresh
and delicious as if it were being prepared in the finest café.
The machine allows you to adjust the amount of coffee (dose) to
be ground according to your requirements. Gaggia Brera is an
effortless and efficient bean-to-cup espresso maker.

This coffee machine is ideal for preparing espresso coffee using
either coffee beans or ground coffee, and is equipped with a
device for dispensing steam and hot water. The integrated water
and bean tanks are easily accessible from the top and front, and
perfectly complement the machine’s ergonomic design. Special
insulation and super-silent ceramic grinders preserve the
peaceful kitchen atmosphere.

Strength selector

Coffee has a huge variety of different flavours and undertones as
well as strengths. Much of your decision will come down to
personal taste. To assist you, Gaggia have included a ‘strength
selector’ feature in the Gaggia Brera coffee machine which will
help you in your decision making process. The strength of a
coffee is mainly determined by a two things: how long the beans
are roasted for and the amount of coffee you use in a cup.

With Gaggia Brera you can make anything from very mild to very
strong coffee, and everything in between. Just select the amount
of coffee beans to be ground for your espresso and have the
coffee strength of your choice.

A compact bean-to-cup espresso maker in a stylish, modern design,
Gaggia Bera is simple to use and allows easy access to the water
tank and coffee ground waste via the front of the machine. Gaggia
Brera is the bean-to-cup, super-automatic espresso machine from
Gaggia that delivers excellent quality coffee in style and in the
comfort of your own home. This compact and lightweight espresso
machine comes with electronic controls, LED display, a 250g bean
chopper and a 15 bar pressure pump for outstanding results. Its
integrated ceramic coffee grinder gives you five choices for
ground coffee, while the removable brewing unit, stainless steel
boiler and 1.2 litre water tank ensure this super-automatic
espresso machine is easy to clean.

Box Contains

* 1 x Gaggia Brera fully automatic bean-to-cup espresso coffee
* 1 x Instruction leaflet

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