Electric Tea Maker 1.7L with Automatic Infuser for Tea Brewing, Stainless Steel


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The Art of Steeping Tea Razorri Electric Tea Maker, Better Choice to Brew Tea Properly w/ British Strix Control Many kinds of tea are brimming with health benefits like natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Great care should be taken to extract each tea’s unique character. When the temperature is suited to the particular tea and the steeping time is perfect, tea lovers can savor and appreciate all of the tea’s naturally aromatic flavors and health benefits. Refer to the chart below for our recommendations. You can also adjust to your personal preference. Enjoy! Green Tea: 175°F, 2-3 mins White Tea: 185°F, 2-4 mins Oolong: 195°F, 3-4 mins Herbal/Tisanes: 200°F, 4-6 mins Black Tea: 212°F, 3-5 mins

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    by EleEng

    My wife and I are both happy with the tea made by this Razorri electric tea maker. We used it several times a day since delivery. The unit appears to be well made and comes with a number of selectable features. You may select up to five tea types plus an additional setting for a custom mixture. The brewing time is also adjustable along with four selectable tea strengths. In our opinion, the unit’s chrome finish makes it an attractive addition to most kitchen decors. The owner’s manual is well-written and illustrated. My first attempt to disassemble the unit was difficult. Most of the unit’s parts are made of plastic, thus I was unsure of how much pressure to apply during disassembly. However, I did manage to get the unit apart. Also, per the owner’s manual the glass kettle may only be cleaned with a moist cloth as needed, no soap or etcetera. Since over time tea stains most containers, even when washed, we are wondering how to keep the unit looking new and not an eyesore sitting on our kitchen countertop. See attached photographs.

  2. 03

    by HomeDepotCustomer

    My wife is a daily tea drinker, but she has always just boiled water and poured it over tea bags in a cup and let it steep for ‘awhile’. After decades of haphazardly making her own tea, she is taking her first steps toward becoming a tea connoisseur with this Razonni Tea Maker Kettle. Her first few pots of tea have proved to have a steeper learning curve than she expected. There is no “On-Off” switch, so she resorted to unplugging it to make sure it was off. She has also discovered that the tea strength on “Strong” is still weaker than her tastes and she is working on that. And the “Keep Warm” function is confusing both in its use and interpreting the included manual. The proper tea type water temperature control the Razonni Tea Maker brings to the art of making tea appears to be its real strength. The flavor of the different tea types does appear to be enhanced by making the tea at a water temperature other than boiling. Time and perseverance will eventually pay off with a perfect cup of tea made by the Razonni Tea Maker Kettle.

  3. 03

    by HomeDepotCustomer

    My wife is super stoked with this teapot and Ihave to sayim fairly impressed as well. The different settings for different tea are straightforward and the speed that this pot heats up is surprisingly fast. The brew times seem a little shot to me but that is easy to set for a longer duration. It’s also really cool that it drops the tea down automatically when the water reaches the correct temperature. Then raises automatically.

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